Krystina Lasollia (NPC/PC)

Beautiful and headstrong, Krystina brings grace to the battlefield.


Krystina: Ex-member of the newly-exposed, and highly corrupt, Fighter’s Guild of Olympia.

She travels with her party in search of a freedom she never had, realizing aspects of herself she never thought present. With the death of Stefanos Studdart, and the exposure of the manipulative Olympian Council, she no longer has an alliance to anyone but herself.

Krystina, an avid and capable fighter, has recently been discovered to be the long lost heiress to the LaSalle bloodline. This allows the party to sail the tulmutous water of the world in the legendary ship: Starseed.

Krystina is kind-hearted, but is known for her brash behavior and impulsiveness. Her temper can get the best of her at times: both a blessing, and a curse. Krystina mantains her composure, but it wise not to cross her. The LaSalle family has always been known for their survival instinct and serendipitous luck- not to mention their capacity for being cutthroat…

Krystina Lasollia (NPC/PC)

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